Lady Gaga - 911 (Short Film)
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Lady Gaga - VMA Performance 2020
Lady Gaga - Alice (Audio)
Lady Gaga - 911 (Audio)
Literally a Catboy
Literally a Catboy Prieš 23 val
Can’t believe I was watching this at 7 thinking I was gonna be the cutest girl, surprise you’re actually a guy
CreativeTPZ Prieš 23 val
who here 2021? june?
Andrew Corcoran
Andrew Corcoran Prieš 23 val
So proud of Mother Gaga
روان Rawan
روان Rawan Prieš 23 val
Imissed bp’s comeback🥺
Marilene Moreira Mary
Marilene Moreira Mary Prieš 23 val
JASR Prieš 23 val
45.945 vistas restantes <3
El canal De los videojuegos
El canal De los videojuegos Prieš 23 val
Simplemente lady gaga mi mujer
JASR Prieš 23 val
Queen <3
Susan Vandenassem
Susan Vandenassem Prieš 23 val it kinda blasphemous to be thinking, "Wow, Jesus is pretty hot here!"?
JASR Prieš 23 val
499.704 vistas restantes para los 385 M <3
JASR Prieš 23 val
400 M this year <3
Adrianna Grande
Adrianna Grande Prieš 23 val
ARIANA GRANDE Got the Giovana Chavez
JASR Prieš 23 val
77.950 vistas restantes para los 102 M <3
Luke Carr
Luke Carr Prieš 23 val
kacper i igor
kacper i igor Prieš 23 val
Angel Dixon
Angel Dixon Prieš 23 val
this song is amazing
JASR Prieš 23 val
6.507.611 Vistas restantes para los 70 M <3
Социум и мы в нём
Социум и мы в нём Prieš 23 val
Плагиат! «Цвет граната» Сергея Параджанова. Вы что думали что люди дураки и не поймут???? Не надо опошлять высокое искусство.
Vitor Gabriel
Vitor Gabriel Prieš 23 val
Meu top 3 Clipes da Gaga: 1- Alejandro 2- 911 3- Guy
Talitha Warren
Talitha Warren Prieš 23 val
So motivational and catchy! Don't let hate, others, sadness or rain or anything stop you! <3 " RAIN ON ME! " haha
JASR Prieš 23 val
5.457.182 vistas restantes para los 880 M
Nagy Ilona
Nagy Ilona Prieš 23 val
Yourdailydoesofweird Prieš 23 val
@Nagy Ilona I wish I could help but I don't know how
Yourdailydoesofweird Prieš 23 val
@Nagy Ilona I feel so bad! I'm in America rn but I hear Texas is super homophobic and racist 😞 I don't know what's wrong with people
Nagy Ilona
Nagy Ilona Prieš 23 val
It's Hungary... I'm not okay I'm so fucking mad because I'm a straight ally without any straight friends so yeah... Kinda irritating
Yourdailydoesofweird Prieš 23 val
What country? I feel so bad! 🙁🥺 I hope your Ok
JASR Prieš dieną
Queen Gaga <3
JASR Prieš dieną
900 M <3
R Valent
R Valent Prieš dieną
Mk101T Prieš dieną
Did ya all forget about the PEAS ?!?
JASR Prieš dieną
1408 M <3
Yaren Prieš dieną
i was here 10 years ago. im still here
JASR Prieš dieną
Л. Христорождественская 2002
Л. Христорождественская 2002 Prieš dieną
Cool Life
Cool Life Prieš dieną
Lorena Marino
Lorena Marino Prieš dieną
Fan de TINI apoyando!!!
Seva Kotik
Seva Kotik Prieš dieną
.................... It's time to feel the rush To push the dangerous I'm gonna run back to, to the edge with you Where we can both fall far in love I'm on the edge of glory And I'm hanging on a moment of truth I'm on the edge of glory And I'm hanging on a moment with you
Lorena Marino
Lorena Marino Prieš dieną
Fan de TINI apoyando!!!
yeosang's hehetmon
yeosang's hehetmon Prieš dieną
just hot people still listen to this in 2021
Josh Shutts
Josh Shutts Prieš dieną
7668587 0
7668587 0 Prieš dieną
7668587 0
7668587 0 Prieš dieną
7668587 0
7668587 0 Prieš dieną
i am the world
Seva Kotik
Seva Kotik Prieš dieną
I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel But I'm still in love with Judas, baby Ohohoh, I'm in love with Judas ....................
Earla Weese
Earla Weese Prieš dieną
*No one called the police on her?*
Abdiel S
Abdiel S Prieš dieną
Shakifan apoyando gracias por su apoyo en Lo Hecho Esta Hecho : )
Jane Hopper
Jane Hopper Prieš dieną
recien me doy cuenta que aparece daryl
Sofia Valencia
Sofia Valencia Prieš dieną
"En Saturno Vive El MV De Sour Candy" -Blink
JASR Prieš 23 val
Quiero vivir en saturno u.u
Alex Gabriel Maiolatesi Petit de Murat
Alex Gabriel Maiolatesi Petit de Murat Prieš dieną
Gaga i love forever ❤😍
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez Prieš dieną
Lady gaga i love you so so mach my Heart i love de you ❤️💕💕😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Latu Balogh
Latu Balogh Prieš dieną
❤❤❤❤nagyon jó
Marie Campbell
Marie Campbell Prieš dieną
Those last 20 seconds, if you don't get hyped, something's wrong with you.
Nicolae Pedro Mario
Nicolae Pedro Mario Prieš dieną
Any1 2021??
Chris Costa
Chris Costa Prieš dieną
Zye Ca$h
Zye Ca$h Prieš dieną
Slide Lyric Video premiere tonight @ 8PM!
Avery Perez
Avery Perez Prieš dieną
Her songs raised me and I'm so greatfull
Sia Prieš dieną❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sia Prieš dieną❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
pombored Prieš dieną
Vim pra congerir o cover do coringa do sikeira junior kkkkkkkkkk
The Ifeolu
The Ifeolu Prieš dieną
I miss the good old days when I knew nothing 😫😫
Power Built
Power Built Prieš dieną
Good God. Lady Gaga is using a Minimi C9 Machine Gun. Which I have also used, disassembled and reassembled.
Joao Victor
Joao Victor Prieš dieną
Até hj esperando a continuação y.y
Ahmed Muhksin
Ahmed Muhksin Prieš dieną
꧁ANIL AMA RUDY꧂ Prieš dieną
0:33 ıam here
Alice InChromatica
Alice InChromatica Prieš dieną
It's been over 10 years and I'm still sick of people saying she copied Express Yourself by Madonna because they honestly sound NOTHING alike. They really don't. I've listened to both over and over again and just don't get it. Also, BTW is a MUCH better song with a MUCH bigger impact. This song has literally saved lives.
Lê Phước
Lê Phước Prieš dieną
tẩy chay cđxl vì dám cover ca khúc của Văn Mai Hương đi mấy pẹng 😥
Jana Fišerová
Jana Fišerová Prieš dieną
WOOW !!!
Lord's Knight
Lord's Knight Prieš dieną
Oh, the original Lady Gaga, so many are artists trying to be like her today, but there is still only one original, Lady Gaga!
Amberlynn Bowden
Amberlynn Bowden Prieš dieną
Lord i use to hate her music lol sorry , but I'm inlove with herrrrr she's amazing artist and beautiful please notice this message ❤ 💖 💜 🙏 💕 ♥ ❤ 💖 💜 🙏
claudio Prieš dieną
tasos Ltss
tasos Ltss Prieš dieną
Back when we still used actual telephones... 📞
George Cosmin Bodislav
George Cosmin Bodislav Prieš dieną
Noi cei mici sperăm ca lady gaga să fie sprijinită și de cei care nu se arată.george
geeru turtle
geeru turtle Prieš dieną
Damn, the subtle details that connects the dreamy part of the video to the accident part _goosebumps_
Ibeth Silva
Ibeth Silva Prieš dieną
he visto este video como mil veces y acabo de darme cuenta de que Darrell de "the walking dead" es Judas :o
Art Factory
Art Factory Prieš dieną
One of the reason I live: Found the musics I used to listen at childhood.
Andrés Garay
Andrés Garay Prieš dieną
Se dice que después de todo este baile todos esos hombres le hicieron un gangbang a la gaguis
stella omera
stella omera Prieš dieną
she's not even a she's a artist.......she makes art with every single song she made ❤❤❤❤❤❤
calesmevi Prieš dieną
love u Gaga
elena13101979 Prieš dieną
это тот ангел который жрал души детей????
Samuel A.
Samuel A. Prieš dieną
50k more views #VEVOcertified
itall0silva Prieš dieną
Não acordei quando vi, mais de 1 bilhão de visualizações 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Mr Kim
Mr Kim Prieš dieną
Здравсвуйте,я не знаю английский язык- услышав ваш голос это КОСМОС.
2thpic Prieš dieną
nice to see Lady Gaga has a tan again and looking healthy.
Ralf Slifer
Ralf Slifer Prieš dieną
This song means a lot to me, thanks to it I AM WHAT I AM TODAY 🏳️‍🌈 HAPPY MONTH OF PRIDE! 2 years without LGBTQIA+ pride I already miss hearing this anthem on Avenida Paulista 😭😭 #FORABOLSONARO
Baltazar Sant
Baltazar Sant Prieš dieną
I was born this way to gay and atheist!!!